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All armor we sell is either "NIJ Certified" or "Tested to NIJ Standards",

Tested to NIJ standards means that while the plate was not tested at NIJ Labs and on the NIJ roster the plate has been independently tested following the correct procedures to verify the armor's performance at stopping ballistic threats. 

Why independent testing? True NIJ certification tests are very expensive and time intensive this can result in higher costs and an increase in time before market release, many manufacturers choose to independently test first and then later send them off to be certified.

What is Spalling? Spalling (or spall) is the fragmentation of the bullet that occurs as that bullet hits a plate, contrary to popular belief spall occurs on all hard plates but it is most prevalent with steel plates. Spalling can be dangerous as the fragments are capable of entering the skin and can cause injury or in extreme cases arterial damage. 

How to avoid Spalling? Spalling cannot be entirely mitigated with armor but there are ways to mitigate the amount that can reach you.

Avoid using any steel plates that do not have a build-up coat or an Anti-spall sleeve. Steel plates do have the worst spalling problems and applying an extra layer (or two) of spall protection is a must when you rely on your gear for your safety.


Upgrade to PE or Ceramic plates. While we believe there is a time and a place (& a budget) for steel armor if you can afford to upgrade to a Ceramic or PE-based plate we would encourage the switch, the decrease in spalling and weight makes it an optimal choice for duty.

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