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"Is body armor legal in my state?"

Body armor is Federally legal as long as you are not a convicted felon, but restrictive laws can vary from state to state.  

For example, those in Connecticut can purchase body armor but only via face-to-face transactions.

While those in New York cannot purchase body armor at all. 

"Does body armor expire?"
All body armor expires.

Some plates like ceramic andsoft plates expire faster than others like steel.

The plates are not immediately useless but that expiration date is a good reminder that your plates may be degrading. Always refer to the sticker on the back of your plate for manufacture and expiration dates

"Do steel plates spall?"

Steel plates have one major downside and that is "spalling" sometimes called "splattering", is the burst of fragmentation caused by a round striking the plate face and breaking apart. This fragmentation is highly dangerous but it can also be reduced by utilizing spall guards and getting build up coats on your plates.

"Which Armor is best for me? "

A lot goes into picking the armor best for you, your situational requirements, preferred pricepoint, fitness and other factors.

Our general recommendation is to start with steel if you are prepping or want a SHTF loadout that is cheap and will store longer. But for those who are planning on daily use our top recommendation is a lightweight PE level III plate.

"Which Size is body armor?? "

The most common plate sizes are 10x12 & 11x14 for front and back plates, with 6x6 & 6x8 being commonly used for sides.

 10x12 is by far the most common plate size available and will work in all of our carriers. 


What body armor can stop .50 BMG

There are currently no plates officially rated to stop .50 BMG as the highest round tested is .30-06 M2 AP.


"What is a plate carrier"
A plate carrier is a vest designed to hold ballistic armor plates or panels.

They come in varying sizes and styles for several applications such as self defense, law enforcement, military & even fitness. 

"What carrier do I need?"
Different plate carriers cater to different needs better than others. Use this guide to find the carrier that will best fit you.

"What size carrier do I need?"
With our elastic and adjustable carriers our carriers are one size fits most, all our carriers fit 10x12 

"What color should my carrier be?"
Your planned environment and personal preferences are all you need to know the best colors for your carrier, here's a list of camos and their optimal environments.

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